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Reach your full potential

Trainee Programme.

Have you just graduated? It's time to unleash your potential. Join us and lead the changes of the future.

Take the next step

Ready to go one step further?

Whether you have a technical or business profile, think big and lead your career into an international environment through this programme.

The future in your hands

What do we offer?

Form part of an exclusive, high performance programme where you will be able to show the best version of yourself.

  • Rotation plan, with a specific professional itinerary just for you
  • International placement in a VW Group company
  • Individual mentoring
  • Training

Show your potential


Much more than an academic record.

  • Bachelor's/Master's degree with outstanding performance
  • Fluent in languages (Spanish, English and/or German)
  • Passion for the automotive sector
  • Non-conformist and courageous attitude in the face of challenges

Selection process:

1. Registration

Register for the offer that best suits your profile

2. Online test

It must be completed, and includes a skills and a cognitive part

3. Interview

It's time to meet!

4. Assessment Center

Show the best version of yourself

Trainee Programme

Marta Camps.

Its a great opportunity to grow professionally. By doing this programme I have been able to get a 360-degree view of the company and create a very good network of contacts. This allows me to analyse in a transversal way any challenge that arises and to solve it in a more agile and efficient way.

  • Age: 27 years
  • Studies: Industrial Engineering + Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering speciality in Business Management (UPC)
  • Work experience: 5 years
  • City: Barcelona

Trainee Programme

Guillermo Morera.

The Trainee Programme has been the best work experience I've had. Rotating for 12 months through different areas has given me a vision and knowledge that would have taken many years to obtain, it also allows me to create a good base with which to start building my path in SEAT S.A.

  • Age: 27 years
  • Studies: ADE + Master in Management (MiM)
  • Work experience: 5 years
  • City: Barcelona


On completion of the programme, you will be given the opportunity to join us as an employee.

One of the requirements to register for the programme is that you must have completed your studies (bachelor's or master's degree).

You should choose the offer that interests you the most. If we see that your profile fits another vacancy, we will discuss other possibilities together.