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High quality dual training

Apprentice school.

If you want to start your career at SEAT S.A., we offer the Dual Vocational Training Programme (CFGS).

Ready to see the future

Are you in?

Find out all that this high performance centre for young professional technicians has to offer.

Excellence in vocational training

What do we offer?

Much more than a course

  • Advanced Level Dual Vocational Training, based on the German Dual Training system
  • Work experience, from year one, at one of our worksites
  • Double official qualifications recognised by the Department of Education and German qualifications awarded by the German Chamber of Commerce
  • Contract of employment for training and apprenticeship, with set remuneration

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Are you in?

  • Be between 18-21 years of age
  • Accreditation of your academic status qualifying you for access to the advanced level Dual Vocational Training Programme
  • Good academic record

Selection process:

1. Registration

Register for the course that best suits your profile

2. Online test

It must be completed, and includes a skills and cognitive part

3. Skill test and Interview

You will have to take a skill test. Once it's passed... it's time to meet in an interview!


Validation of the documents accrediting access to the course.

Apprentice Programme

Laura Martínez.

Since I have entered, I have learned much more than I expected. The way of working here is very different from what I expected, we spent many hours in the workshop. Many of the things that we see in the theoretical part we also see it in practice, which helps us to understand better the concepts.

  • Age: 18 años
  • Studies: Technological Baccalaureate
  • Work experience: SEAT Apprentice School
  • City: Cornellà de Llobregat


Normally during the second half of April. However, we do recommend you visit our website around this time.

Yes, the offer is open to people aged between 18 and 21 (if you are this age before 31st December).

Yes, due to the limited number of places at our centre, we advise you pre-enrol in another centre. Enrolment in our school is compatible with the official enrolments.

Yes. During the registration process you will be able to enrol for more than one course.