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Apprentice School.

Apprentice School

If you want to start your professional career at SEAT, we offer you the Dual High-Level Vocational Training Programme (CFGS) with which you will be able to obtain a double official degree that is valid in Spain and Germany (through the German Chamber of Commerce).

The Apprentice School is a private center of excellent vocational training, with public access. The teaching is free of charge and at the expense of the company. We proudly call ourselves a high-performance center for young professional technicians.

The dual training at the SEAT Apprentice School combines in-school theoretical training with on-the-job training and helps students to acquire solid professional experience. The teaching plan divides time between training and work equally.

Our training offer:
Four Dual High-Level Vocational Training Programme training cycles.

Industrial Mechatronics – Professional field:
Installation and Maintenance.

Automation and Industrial Robotics – Professional field:
Electricity and Electronics.

Production Programing in Mechanical Manufacturing – Professional field:
Mechanical Manufacturing.

Automotive – Professional field:
Transportation and Vehicle Maintenance. This specialty is taught biennially.

What do we offer?

  • 3-year programme.
  • Labor Contract for Training and Learning, with fixed financial compensation.
  • Practical work in our plants - beginning with the first course.


  • Between 18 and 21 years old.
  • Accreditation of personal academic situation that allows access to the Dual High-Level Vocational Training Programme.
  • Good academic record.
  • Limited places – Entry to programme through selection process.

Quotes openThe SEAT Apprentice School is giving me the opportunity to become a qualified professional for the future of the automotive sector and Industry 4.0”

Erik Ramírez. Apprentice school student.